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On behalf of the Eta Chapter, I would like to welcome you to our sisterhood! Gamma Phi Beta values enduring friendship, academic excellence, and community and campus involvement. When you join Gamma Phi you give yourself not only a new home but opportunities for leadership, intellectual and personal growth, and philanthropic service. 


When I joined the chapter, I found a group that I could feel completely comfortable with, as well as an organization that allows me to develop as a student, a leader, and a friend. Our philanthropic mission, building strong girls, is a part of every day in Gamma Phi, and we strive support each other and make the college experience more valuable, memorable and fun. 


Many women will join a chapter in order to find friends, a community to support them or even mentorship opportunities. Whatever you are searching for, I sincerely hope you can find it with us!


We look forward to meeting you!


Edith Magana-Guzman

Membership Vice President

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